BPS Pump Acition Shortguns


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The Browning BPS 10-gauge, 12-gauge and 20-gauge pump-actions leverage pacificammunition.com strengths of design, innovation, and more. Models include the BPS Field Composite – Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Habitat, BPS Field Composite – Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, BPS 10-gauge Field Composite – Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, the all-black BPS Field Composite and BPS 10-gauge Field Composite and the classic blued metal and black walnut BPS Field. This modern lineup with classic lines has 4+1 for 2-3/4″ shells and 3+1 for 3-1/2″ shells options. It also comes with a 3-shot magazine plug.

“BPS” is Browning’s acronym for Best Pump Shotgun. And they’ve now gotten 50 plus years of production from the basic design that’s been enhanced across time. The materials are picked for beauty, strength, decreased weight or combinations thereof. The receiver starts from a solid block of steel that’s forged for extra-strength and to remove imperfections. Then it is machined.

BPS barrels feature Back-Bored Technology for ideal barrel bore diameters to reduce shot deformation for tighter shot patterns. For instance, for 12-gauge, Browning calculates the ideal bore diameter is .742″. Thus, it’s used on those guns. It has similar tests and calculations for other gauges.


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